From gym to everyday life

Scrolling back to 5 years ago, it’s a strange to think that activewear was something you would buy like if you went to the dentist: A necessity but not necessarily a pleasant thing to do.

Your options were pretty limited: Some sort of baggy leggings, ugly colours and not many clothing shops had activewear displayed yet. Usually, you would have to go to a sport shop specifically.

2018 is all about athleisure

Fast-forward to 2018 and active wear is your number one thing to buy when you jump onto your smartphone to do some online shopping.

You find performancewear everywhere now. Be it at ASOS, Target or H&M, activewear has it’s own department.

Today it’s all about athleisure and activewear that are combined into one thing. This is THE fashion.

Just have a look at your wardrobe. How many different types of leggings do you have? Some with stripes, some with multicolours and some that are just minimalistic. Every day you have a new par to wear, for every occasion. Not bad hey?

MILLYSTAR combines active wear with daily wear

MILLYSTAR activewear brings you the ultimate athleisure activewear package. Packed with sporty and funky features, you are sure to be on top of fashion when you wear MILLYSTAR.

In fact, there is a bit of everything in the MILLYSTAR clothes: Fitness, fashion, football and funkiness!

You can wear MILLYSTAR at the gym, at the café, over a business meeting or even at an engagement party.

Expect 2018 to be even more of an athleisure year

Just have a look on instagram at the big stars as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They know how to mix that athleisure style together with their daily activities.

Whether you work out as an avid athlete, or simply “work out” at the coffee bar with your best pals, activewear as everydaywear for women of all ages is becoming the ultimate fashion trend.

How great is it to wear comfy clothes on you way to a party, work or just to the local shops?

How to top the ultimate atheisure outfit

There’s no real formula on how to do this. You can however, use your good fashion sense, some common sense and a bit of creativity. Here are a couple tips:

  1. Keep it simple

If you are not totally convinced on your outfit, just keep it simple. Wear minimalistic active wear with matte colours such as plain blue. Remember, less is more.

  1. Accessories are your friends

 You don’t need to wear bling-bling earrings and cat-eyed sunnies. But do wear some minimalist sunglasses or a sweater tied around your waist. It doesn’t take much to change your look from gym bum to stylish chic. Therefore don’t exaggerate, but do choose some minimal accessories to make it edgy.

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