Searching for the perfect leggings

There are thousands of tights and leggings out there. So how do you know which ones are right for you? We’ve put together a few points to consider when picking the perfect activewear leggings. Yep, we’ve got you all covered!

Stylish but you

First and foremost, you want to wear something you love wearing. Something that suits you and something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. In our collection, you will be able to find a wide range of different styled leggings. So go ahead, pick something stylish that is just you.

Quick dry

Ugh, who likes that feeling when you work out and sweat, and the sweat just won’t leave you? No one! Luckily, our MILLYSTAR ® tights dry up really quickly. So you can workout and feel great at the same time.

Compression for intensive training

Compression leggings are designed to improve blood circulation and to keep you warm if you were to perform outdoor in the cold. If you are doing some intense workouts, such as running and boxing, then compressions are a great choice. Compression leggings can even help recover from sore muscle faster.

Fitted leggings for the yoga enthusiasts

Much like compression leggings that are nice and tight, fitted leggings adjusts to your body posture. It’s really not that comfortable to do yoga with loose clothes. Fitted leggings are perfect for more advanced moves.


Our MILLYSTAR activewear tights are made of lightweight material, which helps you keeping you fit all year round. They cool you down when you are too hot, and the keep you warm when you are feeling cold.

The tights that hold you tight

With a slimming effect that flatters you in, you will feel fabulous and confident with MILLYSTAR ® tights.

Now pick your perfect MILLYSTAR ® leggings in our collection.

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